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Are you concerned that a loved one is abusing drugs? 

Are you worried your child may be using drugs? 

Are you curious what your drug test results would show? 

Do you need to prove that you are drug-free?

If so, ITest4’s private drug and alcohol testing products may help.


View Product Brochure  ITest4 Urine Multi-Drug Test Cup


ITest4 is focused on being leaders in providing the public the most advanced, Health Canada Approved, drug testing devices that will produce evidence based knowledge to help manage and minimize the impact that can be caused by drug-use in the workplace, in schools and in homes and ensure the safety of all individuals at risk by pursuing a "Drug Safe Future". 

Furthermore, we aim to reduce the impact of drug use by educating the public on the  effectiveness of drug testing and how implementing regular testing can manage and  reduce future drug-use. It is our mission to provide accessible drug testing devices to all individuals and organizations to integrate into their homes and work place in support of: Safety, Knowledge, Future and Life.


What is a "Drug Safe Future"?

We believe a "Drug Safe Future" is a shared social responsibility through partnerships between corporations, institutions, and organizations of all industries across Canada  to bring awareness and to contribute to educating our youth and the general public on the dangers of illegal and prescription drug use.

Education gives us a knowledge of the world around us and allows us to change it into something better. 


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